Welcome to  We are the premiere site for mgambo seeds and mgambo seed jewelry. All of our velvet seeds have been grown on the Big Island of Hawaii. We dry our mgambo seeds or "cure" each seed for at least a year before hand drilling them for our velvet seed jewelry. The mgambo seeds are amazing to the touch and feel like heaven around your neck. They attract the subtle attention everyone enjoys because of their unusual and intriguing nature.

 The natural velvet texture will remain on your jewelry over time due to our involved curing process! We have spent years perfecting our jewelry designs to serve our customers. The mgambo seed jewelry is incredibly unique and complimented by other materials from all over the world, including: Czech glass, German silk, Baltic amber, faceted gemstones, coral, natural palm seeds, and so much more. 

Our Mgambo Jewelry has been extremely popular as gifts for friends and family over the years. The pieces have been designed so that they can be casual or they can be dressed up depending on your style. 

You will be taken to my Etsy shop(rapidly growing site for handmade goods) when you click on any photo below. You will get more photos and descriptions of the pieces on this site. On etsy, you will be able to securely pay with paypal or a credit card. Orders are sent out promptly (usually within 2-3 days) from our shop.  

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mgambo seeds

mgambo   What Customers Are Saying:


I love the mgambo seed jewelry that i bought from you a couple of years ago. I bought a simple pair of earrings in a silver setting. I love them. I get numerous compliments on them and they have held up well. There has been no wearing of the soft exterior of the seed. I love them so much i bought a necklace and bracelet to go with them this spring. This necklace and bracelet are made of the mgambo seeds and sea urchin. They are beautiful and look great all together. I get even more compliments now!

Thanks so much,

Hilary Silberman, HERA Foundation


In the hawaiian language, the name of the mgambo seeds is hua weleweka. The name stems from the amazing velvet texture of the seeds, which is 100 percent natural and extremely resilient.

Mgambo Seeds are also known as Velvet Seed, Velvet Seeds, Velvet Beads, Velvet Jewelry, Velvet Seed Jewely,Weleweka, Hua Weleweka, Hawaiian Pussy Willow, Fuzzy Seeds, Fuzzy Beads, Black Pearl Seed, Maui Mink. However, Mgambo is the original name of the velvet seeds,velvet beads, and velvet jewelry.


The mgambo seeds and mgambo seed jewelry listed below can be ordered directly from paypal by clicking on the buy now icon. You can pay with a credit card without being a paypal member. We will be adding more mgambo jewelry that can be purchased directly from  Free shipping is included for all items listed below!

1000 Mgambo Seeds / Weleweka / Velvet Seed / Drilled Mgambo Beads / Ready for making Velvet Jewelry! FREE SHIPPING when you order from

Amount : 700.0 USD
Mgambo Seeds / Hua Weleweka / Velvet Seed / Maui Mink / Hawaiian Pussy Willow

500 Velvet Seeds / Drilled Mgambo Seeds / Ready for making Velvet Seed Jewelry! FREE SHIPPING when you order from

Amount : 395.0 USD
Mgambo Seeds, Velvet Seeds, Hua weleweka, Mgambo, Velvet Jewelry

100 Drilled Mgambo / Drilled Mgambo Beads / Ready for Making Velvet Seed Jewelry! FREE SHIPPING when you order from

Amount : 125.0 USD
Mgambo Seeds / Hua Weleweka / Velvet Seed / Maui Mink / Hawaiian Pussy Willow

Mgambo Seeds and Czech Glass Leaves Set

Amount : 85.0 USD
mgambo Seeds and czech glass beads

Mgambo Seeds and Turquoise Necklace

Amount : 65.0 USD
Mgambo Seeds and turquoise necklace